Food & Beverage Industry

Operate on a higher level

The right platform for the Food & Beverage industry has to incorporate all aspects of the business:

Accounting – A vital point for every business, including the Food & Beverage, is the accuracy of the financial information, its usage and reporting. The insight into materials, production and labor costs are also hugely important for the prompt operation of the enterprise. Implementing the correct software means easy access to all the information and analysis needed for a smoothly functioning company.

Customer Service – CRM tools with strong links to financial management or ERP software help you deliver the kind of customer satisfaction that builds your business.

Inventory Control – Within Food & Beverage the exact inventory is even more essential than other industries. With inventory control software, reducing spoilage and eliminating downtime by accurately forecasting when inventory needs to be replenished is easy and unquestionable.

Purchasing – Anticipate raw-material shortages using a production schedule, calculating shortages by item and day, and take into account both lead time and safety stock. In addition, evaluate the quality of your vendors and make adjustments as needed.

Traceability – Automate product tracking and tracing from supplier to retailer.

Quality Control – Store and track all test results and data.

Production Control – Completely integrate your manufacturing and accounting data. Easily track actual raw-materials usage and make adjustments to ensure that you meet your shipping dates.

Production Planning – Make your master schedule available company wide, allowing your entire team to see completed, in-process or delayed batch processes and make adjustments as necessary.

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